Why Lunch Breaks Are Important

How do you spend your lunch break at work? Do you have time for lunch or do you quickly chow down a sandwich at a nearby deli? Perhaps you skip lunch altogether because you have too much to work on.

A common complaint, often, is about lunchtime getting squeezed down to ten minutes, or to nothing at all, with people eating on the fly or eating while hunched over their computers.

Why does this happen? Because society has become a work-obsessed that we tend to shun the notion of taking a break. We all need the energy from calories from our minds to function at their best. And we all need a little time, to recharge, right?

In this post, I would like to share how I realized how society really lives nowadays without any time for lunch, time, or energy left. For instance, I come from the health care industry working long hours. As soon as a patient needs emergency help around lunchtime, a nurse skips the lunch break and she or he didn´t have proper lunch.

I really realized how working Monday till Friday doesn´t allow us to eat properly without any time left. And most of the people I see work long hours struggle to not have their lunch breaks. Is that really what people want until they get to retirement?

So…the question is: Is that really a lifestyle the society wants you to live? Do You have enough time and energy?

The answer is an absolute NO.

So, why take a lunch break?

Not taking a lunch break can leave you feeling more tired and stressed, less focused, and worse by the time the day ends. It can also reduce your ability to be creative! Even if you just take 15–20 minutes, this is a proven way to keep your levels of concentration and energy up during the day.

If you work at a computer, letting your eyes have a rest from the screen is important, and if you sit down for the majority of the day, getting up and walking around frequently can prevent your body from becoming stiff.

If you have a manual job, it´s important to take regular breaks throughout the day to let your body rest, relax, and prevent injury or repetitive strain.

You can maximize your lunch break!

How can you do that? And what are the opportunities to finally have time for your lunch break?

1. Have a real break

It´s important to have some proper respite — try to limit or avoid checking work emails or organizing “to do” lists. If you continue to work during your lunch break, then you won´t reap the benefits that a bit of respite can bring.

2. Connect with colleagues

We all spend a lot of time with our colleagues, so connecting with them can build a stronger team. Let´s remember that work can be a great place to develop a social group and meet friends, which means that is good for your mental, social health, and wellbeing.

3. Have a hearty lunch

Three proper meals a day, or regular smaller meals, is crucial to keeping your energy and concentration levels up. Skipping meals can reduce your productivity throughout your day — as well as impacting on your metabolism.

So, if you want a better lifestyle, you should definitely change your mind — change yourself first.

I hope you have enjoyed reading my post. Feel free to leave your thoughts, comment, and share!

Stay safe…until the next post! 🙂


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