Trapped In The Same Old Job, But Want A Change? There Are Opportunities Online!

Matea Dragosavljević
4 min readOct 7, 2020
Don´t get me wrong, this is not a picture to scare you. This is just a picture to show you the reality in the traditional same old way of working.

At some point in your career, you´re likely to feel like you´re in the cage or feel like you´re in the same routine.

For instance, when you´re working long hours, people use to talk with colleagues. The same question every day: “How´s going? It´s fine at work.”

So, to work full-time Monday till Friday, the same old way until you book your next vacation. And then back at work: “nothing changes, to be continued”.

What is more important, in today´s world where things became more and more expensive, the middle-class is going to disappear (I recommend watching Kiyosaki´s videos on Youtube to watch Why middle-class is gonna disappear), it is almost impossible to live from paycheck to paycheck.

Living paycheck to paycheck is a risk in the new online age.

Let´s get clear: Traditionally — you go to school, get a job, go to college, get a high-paid job. You are satisfied with your salary, trust one employer but still don´t feel free.
Working a full-time job every day, waking up in a circle, getting a monthly salary in return for your hard work, for someone else´s happiness — called employer.
Honestly, I don´t like it when they say: “We´re looking for people to hire”
Question: Are you a person just to hire temporary? Perhaps you believe that is a permanent job you keep, but in case the employer can´t pay you anymore, there is no money going into your bank account.

If you´re looking to invest in yourself, looking for home-based opportunities…

Then this is a message to start looking for your future, both financial and geographical.

And, then… the time of pandemics has come in 2020. Most people are confused, they watch the news, TV, listen to what the government says, and follow the rules. In the meantime, millions of people in the USA are out of the job.

All of that distraction makes people think about what the media, TV repeats daily.

If you just take a little bit of time and watch motivational videos, videos by famous Robert Kiyosaki, Tony Robbins, Gary Vaynerchuk…they are of one the successful entrepreneurs who changed their lives to not being trapped in the same old job.

Motivational videos on Youtube are a very good step to start thinking about a change in life.

Do you know why? Because, when you start to realize that your daily habits are actually habits that you just must listen to do so, from going to school and being stuck at a job, your employer, instead of doing what you REALLY want to do Monday till Friday.

There are 7 days per week, 24 hours per day, we have 168 hours per week.

Maybe you took a job thinking that you should work until retirement because you have a “safe” monthly paycheck. According to, there are important posts to read. One of the statements: “A national poverty charity has seen a sharp rise in demand for emergency cash grants among people 30 and under struggling with unemployment. And experts are now warning about a “poverty trap.”

“I’m struggling to sleep because of the stress. I feel tired all the time. I feel drained.

“There’s a lack of money. A lack of everything.”

Like many young people, Matthew, 23, lost his job because of the pandemics.

Ever since he’s been struggling to keep his head above water. He’s behind on his rent and paying for basics like food has become a challenge.

He ended up turning to a national poverty charity who gave him an emergency cash grant to help him get by.”

Since pandemics started, people are coping with unemployment and money worries.

Now, if you are trained as an employee to live and think like an employee, how can you struggle financially? The Federal Reserve System is printing trillions.

FED is the central banking system of the United States Of America. created in 1913. And…the reason is society said to go to school, teach you to fear, scarcity, the fear of failing.

But, the question is…if there is no job, which society is trained to have, where is that paycheck? How can you rely on your paycheck if FED is printing the money? It´s like a washing machine :) If something prints all the time, there is not much value anymore.

Is there a solution to wait for your employer, for the government in case you´re out of a job? At the end of the day…it´s you.

Going back to the daily habits I stated at the beginning of today´s post, I would be happy if you describe your ideal day.

There are a lot more ways of thinking about the job, business, money than you´ve been taught from the general mass media.

There is an abundance of opportunities to earn money, that even in times like today. Most people are confused about what´s going to be next. And, it´s never been easier profit!

Imagine if you were born at times when you don´t have a smartphone, laptop, or iPad. Most people spend time on the Internet. After all, people already make money online — out of their comfort zone.

You can work from anywhere, without any prior experience or any previous technical skills to learn how to generate income from home.

I´m more than happy to share this post with you if you really feel stuck being in the rat race. If you recognize yourself in that trap, then please don't waste this crisis. I can navigate to show you how to secure your future to create a better lifestyle.




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