Importance of promoting a product you believe in

Matea Dragosavljević
5 min readJan 23

If you’re early into online affiliate marketing business, trying to grow and monetize an audience, so they buy from you

Without a product you believe in, to consider someone is buying your affiliate product, there is the key you must understand to start seeing those commissions showing up in your affiliate dashboard consistently…

When I signed up for the free training about how to start an online business from scratch in December 2019, I wasn’t aware of how business works, or affiliate marketing. I haven’t had any idea to choose a niche market.

Thats why I always tell to people new to start an online business as affiliate that previous experience is not mandatory, even “being perfect in tech”.

No, you do NOT need to be an expert to start afm and grow,monetize your audience.

With that free training I mentioned before, I joined the marketing company, and followed the training modules.

I even launched a website for lead generation.

I was overwhelmed, stuck back then.

I signed up for the 5 day free challenge about Social Media Marketing Secrets, in 2021.

I started seeing that this approach was not working & I kept learning to understand what was missing…

I needed the right process that helps find target


, grow and monetize it on 1 platform because I already decided I will focus on Facebook.

After spending my free time learning, reading books, listening to podcasts about entrepreneurship, starting business, I finally realized what was missing

Clarity and decision

to commit to it.

I realized that, instead of putting that product in front of everyone, it was important to understand the people on the other side…

Understanding their pain

points, desire, goals

on a deeper level

By that means, see if they had a problem that my affiliate product could solve before trying to present a solution…

Because, if someone is not

aware of the problem, they won’t be looking for a solution because they are not aware.

Matea Dragosavljević

Online entrepreneur|Helping marketers to earn HT commissions; turn strangers into buyers without big following, without ads,without funnels to monetize audience