How To Grow Your Business On Social Media

Social media platforms are fuuul of billions of people out there, right?? Do you feel left behind the scenes??

Matea Dragosavljević


If you find yourself scrolling on social media platforms like Facebook or Instagram, don´t just post. Rather, make it your goal to provide your audience with high-value information that will H-E-L-P them in their life best possible.

Do you feel lost without any presence on social media? Are you doing side hustle, overwhelmed and tired of sharing posts??

You name it! Let me share my story.

I created my first Facebook account back in 2008. I was doing literally nothing. I was scrolling, I was sharing pictures, I was watching other people´s pictures and their lives.

I can´t stress enough. Sometimes I felt anger or frustrated.

The reason I felt frustrated was mostly politics, news and negative media news that irritated me and I was angry on the system.

Basically, I was angry on the country I come from. I simply couldn´t agree with their attitude and how people treat each other.

I felt lonely. Later on, it was easier leave comments sharing own opinion on Facebook.

I had my friends and relatives, family members on my old friend list.

Back in 2020, pandemics started.

I asked myself what I really want in life.

What I didn´t want was living paycheck to paycheck until the retirement.

I made a decision to get out the rat race.

I created myself as an side entrepreneur , even I do not come from an entrepreneurial family.

I made a new Facebook profile adding strangers, mostly marketers and entrepreneurs.

I didn´t want my family members or someone from my job see that I want to leave “9–5 lifestyle”.

So I started connecting with marketers, coaches, business people and entrepreneurs on Facebook.

I joined a bunch of Facebook groups related to entrepreneurship and online business.



Matea Dragosavljević

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