How To Avoid Fear&Anxiety When Starting A Business?

So you want to start a business on the Internet, working and traveling the world. Are you scared to start your own business?

Do you have a fear of failure when starting a new business? What´s stopping you from starting a small business?

Studies show that now more than ever depression is at an all-time high and you won´t believe what is causing this. You may even be feeling the symptoms as well, but I guess it depends on how you answer this question.

Please be honest with yourself. Are you truly, I mean truly, happy with your work and lifestyle? Personally, my answer haunted me.

In the time of pandemics, most people work and live abroad, far away from their families.

I´ll never forget the silence of my parents when they asked when I´m gonna visit them at Christmas time. I didn´t show up at Christmas time because of work. It was at that moment that I realized I had to make a change in my life.

There is a big percentage of people working&living abroad worldwide, not being able to visit their loved ones.

Now, imagine for just a moment if you never had to take instruction from your boss telling you what to do and how to live your life, ever again? That´s a pretty bold statement, but allow me…

What if I tell you that 85% of people hate their jobs and this fact is the number one reason why people suffer in their health, feel anxiety, their family and relationships, and their own happiness and joy. Even worse, more often regret later when people look back on their life.

If you ever get to ponder a specific question that seems ironic, you might realize it´s one that many of us don´t really give much thought to. I want you to focus on the older generation for a little bit.

Elders relate to The Silent Generation (born 1928–1945). By the way, I come from the health care industry working with both older and middle age people. They said they regret the worry that caused them to miss out on those singular unique moments of joy.

By that means, joy, freedom, independence, and happiness are what they regret looking back over their lives.

So, I´m asking you anyway, are you truly happy&fulfilled with what you for work?

When I ask people this question, they often respond that they feel tired, sick, and unfulfilled. When it comes to changing a life, starting a new business, the response is like: “I´m scared to take that risk.”

“ What would other people think?” “I don´t have enough skills to start a business” “It is a risk- I´m scared.”

Or answers like: “I´d like to start a business, but I´m not very good at selling.”

All that being said, I´d like to share 5 fears when it comes to overcoming to start a new business:

Remember, for the things you probably don´t know yet, you can find answers. There is absolutely no shame to continue to learn. In fact, this is a requirement for continued growth. If you don´t have skills or experience, no problem. It´s never late to start getting skills and experience.

2. Being considered crazy.

Perhaps some people will think that you´re crazy to start a new business. That´s correct. The safe and rational thinking to do would be to never take a risk and work for someone else for the rest of your life.

3. Not being able to attract customers.

Successful people like Steve Jobs, Elon Musk weren´t able to attract customers at the beginning of their business. If you approach your business as meaningful and fulfilled or have a passion for work consistently delivering what’s promised, you’ll undoubtedly experience a turn of the tide.

4. Not having enough money to recover the investment.

if you happen to invest in your business and don´t see an immediate return, don´t give up. Keep working. Should you quit before you earn your profit, you´ll never earn a profit.
If you decide to quit before your business sees a profit, remember that you raised the investment capital once.
You can always come back again. But, the truth is:

“The best investment you can make is the investment in yourself.”

5. Failing friends and family.

No matter your family and friends live abroad or in the nearby, a fear of thinking about what they will think about you and your failure is simply the fact to accept. They can judge you being a loser, and that you can´t do it.

Near friends and family relatives have that fear of failure, fear of risk that you have the ability to overcome.

At the end of the day, it´s you who create your life, not your friends and family.

How To Avoid Fear And Anxiety When Starting A Business?

It is very important to talk to someone who is already into business, start-up, and similar.

Avoid isolation at all costs. Suffering in silence exacerbates anxiety, speaking to someone eases your fears and calms you. Something insignificant might be one hundred times more influential than you think.

If you don´t know where to start, remember this: Action Beats Anxiety. Motion Beats Meditation. Work Beats Worry.


It is easy to get caught in the trap of thinking your life is suck and a failure because you have to work & sell your time every day for someone else´s happiness.

Practicing gratitude helps you realize how much you really have, happiness and how much value you give, and how the true potential lies within you.

Start with being thankful for health, family, friends, and the life you have. Soon, it will be easier to recognize all the good things in life.


Why are you scared to start your own business? Most people have a fear of failure because they think:

  • Other people like friends&family, co-workers will judge you like a loser or a bad person if you fail

Some people will define failure as a negative action, some will define failure as a positive action — just a part of the game.

Failure is just a part of success.

How can you automatically become a bad person if you fail at something? It doesn´t make sense, right?

My point is that failure is an opportunity of one kind or another, an opportunity to stretch beyond our usual boundaries to learn something valuable.

Staying positive, keeping going, smile on your face will change your attitude towards failure.


Finding your champions is not just good business sense, it´s also amazing for supporting you in the (sometimes lonely) world of entrepreneurship, and making connections.

When you´re starting up, there´s no substitute for finding your tribe, a committed network of engaged customers and fans that can inspire you to create the best product possible.

Personally, I first came across the online tribe named the Six Figure Mentors with more than 3.000 members.

I launched my first website in WordPress. I spent months on building a website technically. But the thing is that you do not need to spend so much time building a website.

The a-ha moment was to focus on 1 platforms, 1 product and 1 mentor that is where you want to be. For example, if you want to start an online affiliate marketing business, with just 1–2 HighTicket sales.

Final Thoughts

Starting a business is like hopping on a train towards an unknown destination.

However, when the storms of small (and big) losses hit, you may find yourself in a position of self-doubt, accompanied by bouts of anxiety and extreme stress.

If you feel unhappy, unfulfilled in work with anxiety, fear of failure, without any skills in starting a new business, don´t procrastinate. Procrastination is a common habit of people who often experience anxiety.

This will allow you to take the next step in life.

Warm Regards,
Matea Dragosavljevic



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