Our habits will determine the quality of life. We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.

How To Improve The Quality Of Life?

Do you find yourself feeling overworked, stressed, tired, unfulfilled, and frustrated on a daily basis? Do you feel like a zombie waking up each day to the same repetitive cycle that seems never-ending?

When it comes a daily basis, working day in and…

Fun is the key to success! Did You Know That Happiness and Success Lie Within You?

If you want to be successful, having fun is not an option. It’s a necessity. By making fun a top priority — taking meaningful, enjoyable breaks each day, week, month, and year — you’ll not only be happier but be more productive, too!

“Success is not the key to happiness…

How do you spend your time while commuting to go to work? Commuting can be terrible, an uncomfortable waste of time. But it´s also an opportunity in your busy life.

Nothing is worse than waiting while commuting. A broken down train. Bad weather. A barge hitting the bridge you have to cross to get to work and causing a four-hour traffic backup.

To compensate for the inevitable delays, you leave the apartment earlier and earlier. And to leave earlier, you…

Failure is part of the process. Use it as a lesson to move forward.

You´ve probably wanted to start a business on the internet

You´ve probably spent a bunch of money on online training, listened to webinars.
You´ve probably struggled with the foundation called CUSTOMER AVATAR.

You´ve been a part of one marketing company but…

Your Value doesn´t decrease based on someone´s inability to see your worth.

I come from the working class family and society surrounding. I have 17 years in traditional education. By that means, 8 years in elementary school, 4 years high-school, 3 years Bachelor degree + 2 years=Master´s degree.
That sounds like successful right? Most young people have done the same thing. But…

Entrepreneurship is a lonely journey. If you desire a freedom lifestyle rather than being trapped at your job, educate yourself online, work to learn & earn!

Problem: Most young people as millennials follow the path of their parents and grandparents. Go to school, get a job, go to college and find a high paid job to work until the age of 65, 70 or 80.

Solution: There is no rich person that became successful holding a…

Whether you still hold your job or not, passive income is what you need in today´s new economy

Why? Because in today´s new economy life is more and more expensive. It´s 2021, life was expensive even about 5 years ago. If you hold a job and get a monthly salary, that´s okay. But it´s never enough. What´s the solution is to find another source of income to generate…

Marketing is everywhere. More than a lake or a forest is the landscape of our modern lives.

I come from a traditional working middle-class family. At the age of 25, I decided to move abroad from Croatia to Sweden. I just wanted to learn a new language, find a job and start a new life, meet new people, a new lifestyle.

My immigrant journey was not easy…

Become time-and financially free working from the comfort of home. You can choose to be on the right side.

Dreaming about making a million dollars in a job like trying to see the ocean from the middle of Nebraska. You´re just not in the right place for it.

If you´re one of the few people who save money and invests in a compound interest savings account, that´s good, but…

Matea Dragosavljević

Online entrepreneur|Committed to share ideas to female millennials to reach financial freedomILearn more https://mateadragosavljevic.yeptribe.com/

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