7 Steps To Start Home Based Business While Working Full Time

Getting my first online business from scratch while still working full time in the healthcare industry, was by far one of the challenging things I ever did in my life. By the way, my first challenging thing in life was to move abroad looking for a new life, a new language, looking for a job to make a living, and in search of a new place to live.

That being said, after many years of working a full-time job, selling my time for someone else happiness, relying on one income — monthly salary in return, I transformed my mindset from an employee to an online entrepreneur.

And without any prior experience in online business to start, I explored the Youtube platform by watching motivational videos about personal development. I happened to see a video about making money online. It was a minute of a Youtube ad where one woman help other people to start their online business. She has shared Free Videos which included the most profitable business modules to start as a beginner.

Within several months I managed to reach quite a few milestones while still working in my day job:

- Joined to 10 years online business experienced educational company which offers a step-by-step proven online business system to start making money online as:

— affiliate marketer — promote other company’s digital products and services to get a commission per sale (you don’t even need to sell or have your own products) you just need skills!
- or E-commerce — learn how to sell your physical products without any hard work

- Launched my first own website with WordPress (without any previous experience or any technical skills) including writing up the entire website content.

- Wrote blog posts, without any previous experience in blogging

So, here are the steps to start looking after home-based opportunities part-time; even besides your current job:


This may be the most difficult step to starting a home business: finding a venture that is the best match for you and your goals, and one with the most potential for success. The business you’ll decide to have can make or break your chances of succeeding in the industry. Choosing a business that’s already saturated by competitors will be very challenging for you to gain customers and earn profits.

If you’re having a hard time deciding what business or work from home option to pursue, consider the following:

Decide If You Can Think Like An Entrepreneur

There is a difference between an employee and an entrepreneur. The difference is simple, employees work Monday till Friday, they wait for weekends, monthly salary in return. In other words, employees work and sell their hours FOR someone else and for money for a living.

Entrepreneurs have different thinking about life. They work hard as well, but the difference is that they change their mindset from an employee working for employers to a mindset that money works for them instead.

After all, that is the first step when it comes to starting your own business on the Internet, to work on yourself! Entrepreneurs have taken control of their lives, on their own terms.

Living on own terms means having a plan: daily, weekly, and monthly. First, daily habits are those which truly define your day, week, month, year… Now, ask yourself who defines your day, week, month, year… is it you or someone else?

If you plan on becoming an entrepreneur, it’s important to exert time and effort in acquiring or enhancing the necessary skills for the job. Aside from those mentioned, it’s also important to become an extrovert as you’ll be working with countless people in your business. Being organized and knowing how to delegate tasks to other people is also essential.

One more thing, you can become an online entrepreneur even while you´re working a full-time job.


Make sure you handle all the legalities involved with your business start-up. Pleading ignorance will probably not suffice as an excuse for failing to comply with business regulations, zoning, or other legal requirements. It is also wise to choose a business attorney when you first start your business for ongoing consultations.

Choose and Legalize Your Business’s Name
Choosing a good business name is crucial because it becomes part of your identity and an important marketing tool as part of your business’s brand.

You can use your own name in your business, like “Annas´s Best Lifestyle”, and like this example, it should indicate what product or service you are offering. If you decide to take a fictitious name, you will have to register it with your county and state as a d.b.a. (doing business as) and publicize it to ensure it is not already in use.

Know Your Regulations

Check your local authority’s zoning and permit regulations pertaining to home-based businesses. These can vary widely from area to area. Most are concerned about how your business will impact your neighborhood such as customer parking or shipping traffic. Check, too, with state or federal agencies for required licenses or requirements your business may need.


You don’t want to give out your social security number to every client and vendor your business encounters. For this reason, you’ll need to secure a Federal Tax Identification Number, also referred to as an Employer Identification Number. Issued by the IRS, the tax ID number is similar to your personal social security number and allows the IRS to track your company’s transactions.


Study “Business”

If you are new to entrepreneurship, you can enroll in business start-up classes offered at area schools, colleges, or government SBDCs, Women’s Business Centers, and local SCORE offices. Consult with a professional organizer, a time management specialist, and/or a computer consultant to set up an efficient workspace, schedule, and operational system with the best technology and communications for your type of business.


New business owners may spend as much as 50 to 75 percent of their time marketing their start-ups. Marketing includes all your promotional efforts that create interest in your product or service. Selling involves transactions. Continuous marketing is crucial to success in home-based businesses.

Brand Your Marketing

As you write your business’s market plan, consider creating a brand for your business. A brand is what makes your business stand out in your customers’ minds.
It is the total marketing package that includes your name, your logo, your promotional materials (business cards, brochures, stationery) your advertising and publicity methods, your business’s mission, and its inherent value to your customers.
Creating a brand will drive your marketing efforts and form a memory that customers will recall first whenever they need services or products like yours.

Use a Marketing “Mix”

Throughout the life of your business, you will use a combination of advertising (paid ads) and publicity (media coverage) to attract potential customers. Your aim should be to find an affordable mix of marketing methods that will maintain your business’s visibility and increase profitable leads.

Use creative marketing strategies to stretch your advertising dollars and tap into your network of friends and associates for leads and referrals.


The most important and first step in starting a home-based business is to find your target audience — customer avatar. Focus on the target audience´s needs, what are their needs, and who they are. Actually, build a relationship with them.

Maintaining a profitable business means you must satisfy loyal customers while continually attracting new ones.

Prepare For Complaints

If a customer complains, it may be hard not to take it personally, because it is your business. Establish set policies or procedures to handle any complaints, whether it is a refund or a revision of your products or services. Consult with your lawyer for the proper wording and posting. Survey customers often for feedback, so you can head off complaints.


Perhaps this fact sounds a little bit scary, but the Internet and online jobs can not be replaced. But traditional jobs can be replaced in the next 10–20 years. That is why you have an abundance of solutions in today´s digital world.

The Internet is here to stay, so you must decide the type of business Web “presence” you want.

Show Your Business To The Web Market

Once your business is on the Web, you are in a worldwide market, so be aware of language and cultural differences as you post your content and ads.

Use inexpensive marketing methods to promote your website such as submitting articles for online publications. Join online communities to meet other people who already succeeded online and finally quit their traditional jobs.

Participate in Free Webinars with other entrepreneurs on the Internet; research at Google. After all, Google is the first place where you´re going to look after what you want.

Otherwise, there are other platforms like Youtube, Facebook, Reddit, Instagram, Linkedin, or Pinterest where people spend their time mostly communicating with each other.

I hope this post helped you!

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