5 Habits For Improving The Quality Of Life In 2020

Our habits will determine the quality of life. We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.

Matea Dragosavljević
12 min readNov 20, 2020


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How To Improve The Quality Of Life?

Do you find yourself feeling overworked, stressed, tired, unfulfilled, and frustrated on a daily basis? Do you feel like a zombie waking up each day to the same repetitive cycle that seems never-ending?

When it comes a daily basis, working day in and day out, has the quality of the standard life decreased over time, resulting in a loss of time, energy, and meaning for the future?

Jim Rohn Quotes from wisdomquotes.com

“In order to change your life, take control of your life, by that means — take control of your habits.

In a lifetime, we all get unfulfilled, frustrated, overworked from time to time. Life can be really overwhelming, even for the most like-minded individuals. If you don´t understand where our lives are headed and why they´re headed there, the tough times can be overbearing.

However, life doesn´t have to overwhelm, and it most certainly doesn´t have to stress. You can improve the quality of your life by making a few small changes to your daily routines by accelerating your behavior and your way of thinking — mindset.

Keep in mind that you´re not alone; we all go through long periods of anxiety, worry, stress, fear, and frustration on a daily basis.

Sometimes, the quality of life has more to do with the foundational habits that we run on a daily basis. You can improve the quality of life in multiple ways.

What´s holding you back? Are your bad habits in the circle day in and day out standard living holding you back in life? First I wanted to define the quality of life.

Definition Of A Quality Of Life

If you thought that the quality of life is equivalent to your standard of living, you’re wrong. Don’t get me wrong, I just want to make you realize to get into a better lifestyle.



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